The lightweight T-Pole® is an economical and durable flagpole solution that is great for indoor or outdoor advertising. Durable and easy to assemble, the T-Pole® Plus is constructed of high quality aluminum and extend telescopically to varying heights depending on the promotional campaign. It is constructed of a banner arm as well as a telescopic pole that reaches any height up to 19 foot. The hardware features an internal mechanism that allows the poles to be secured at the desired height by twisting the two sections until tight. It also has a pole cap that spins in the wind so the print is visible in any setting. T-Pole® Plus for use indoors and outdoors at car dealerships, special events or anywhere where some extra height is needed to elevate the advertising message.

For further information and to order your custom T-Pole® Plus Flags, call 800-962-0956. Our knowledgeable staff is waiting to assist you!

Our Bowflags® Feature:

  • High-quality aluminum telescopic flagpole, adjusted to any height up to 19ft
  • Banner arm keeps promotional message readable
  • Custom flag printed on our proven flag fabric
  • Easy setup within 3 minutes
  • Single-reverse or double-sided flag layout options
  • Hardware set includes poles, pole clips, carrying case and flag weight
  • Assembly requires no tools – pull and turn to tighten flagpole at desired height

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