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  • Hitch Mount for Telescoping Pole

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    The Hitch Mount for Telescoping Pole is a great way to fly your flag on your car, RV, or truck trailer hitch.

  • Stadium Series Hitch Mount for Telescoping Flagpoles

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  • Compliment Cards Pack of 100

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    The Compliment Cards are designed to be used with Farming Flags®! We call them Compliment Cards because “Compliments of” is used to identify the source of a gift. Add these cards to the shaft of your Farming Flags® to indicate who gave your prospect this wonderful patriotic gift. The white card measures 4.5″ x 5.5″, with blank space to attach a business card. There are 100 compliments cards in each pack.

  • Flag Spreader

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    Beautifully display your indoor flag with our adjustable flag spreader. This spreader is designed to spread the flag in order to create a perfectly draped look. The flag spreader is ideal for indoor home use, or in public areas- such as auditoriums, classrooms, lobbies, and offices.

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