What is a Digitally Printed Flag?

Digitally Printed Flags are printed with a large digital printer, and it’s ideal for projects involving a small print run. Digital Printing is a great choice when you need a custom flag or banner, and it’s a terrific choice for printing promotional pieces. Digital Printing allows for photographic quality on indoor and outdoor displays. In addition, we don’t set minimums: We will print as few as one. We carry a large selection of papers and fabrics, including direct print nylon.

Get a quote for Custom Digitally Printed Flags

Fill out the form below with details about your custom flag and submit high-quality, ready for print artwork to receive a quote. Please provide additional flag details in the instructions area, such as flag colors (if you know it), number of flags, and any other critical information.

What type of files do you accept?

File types accepted include .ai.cdr.eps.tif.svg. Created in Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, or Adobe Photoshop. Vector files (i.e. .ai, .cdr, .eps, .svg), files comprised of outlines not pixels, are required for all submitted artwork.

Are there dimension requirements?

Yes, all artwork must be a minimum of 600dpi. The required dimensions will depend on the product you are ordering.

There are a few websites that offer high resolution images without copyright hassle. Our favorite is Dreamstime.com


What is Appliqué?

Appliqué is a technique in which words, shapes, or logos are transformed into “patches” that are sewn on the flag, rather than printed. Appliqué is much like embroidery, only much more affordable, and adds a professional 3D look to your flag. Flags can be completely done using appliqué on 200 denier nylon, or you may choose to have certain aspects of your flag done in appliqué.

Did you know?

The word “appliqué” is derived from the French verb “appliquer,” meaning “to put on.” It refers to a textile craft in which one piece of fabric is sewn over another for a decorative effect. Appliqué was first discovered when clothes ripped and needed fixing; requiring patches of fabric to be sewn over the top of the rip, otherwise known as patchwork. Appliqué is found in many forms of folk art, ranging from the purely decorative to the symbolic.

Questions about Appliqué ?

Fill out the form below with some basic details about your custom flag and any questions or comments you may have. Our staff will get in touch with you regarding your inquiry.


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