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  • Vertical Flagpole Mount

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    Mount your flagpole with the sturdy, Vertical Flagpole Mount for Telescoping Pole.

  • Vertical Mount for Economy Telescoping Pole

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    The Vertical Pole Mount is designed for use with our Economy Telescoping Flagpole. This item allows the pole to be mounted on any flat or round surface, such as the side of a dock or building.

  • WB Aluminum Bracket

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    Keep your flag flying high and proud! Displaying a flag outside your home can be a symbol of your patriotism, allegiance to a sports team, or celebration of an upcoming holiday. Most flag supports and poles are installed using brackets that attach directly to your house, for appropriate support.

  • Stadium Series Heavy Duty Wheel Base Mount by Global

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  • Wheel Stand for Telescoping Pole

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    The Wheel Stand for Telescoping Pole is designed for a vehicle's wheel or tire to hold your telescoping flagpole. Making for an outstanding addition to your RV campsite, car dealership, tailgate party, etc. this stand is designed to help show your patriotism or allegiance.

    This Wheel Stand features a silver anodized finish, and fits a 2-1/2" diameter flagpole.

  • White Aluminum Flagpole Kit

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    Display the flag beautifully with this White Aluminum Flagpole Kit.

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