POW-MIA Stick Flag 12″x18″ E Poly

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Beautifully printed on silk-like Endura-Gloss™ material, stick flags are carefully hem-stitched on all four sides and mounted on a staff with spear.

The POW MIA flag is black, bearing in the center, in black and white, the emblem of the League. The emblem is a white disk bearing in black silhouette the bust of a man, watch tower with a guard holding a rifle, and a strand of barbed wire; above the disk are the white letters POW and MIA framing a white 5-pointed star; below the disk is a black and white wreath above the white motto YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.

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12" x 18"

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POW-MIA Stick Flag 12″x18″ E Poly

Availability: In stock