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  • Aluminum Tire Mount 1.25″

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    The Aluminum Tire Mount is an easy, portable way to secure your flagpole anywhere you want to display a flag. This is great addition to tailgating events, campsites, businesses, or even for at home use.

  • American Beauty Floor Stand 12″x1.25″

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    The American Beauty Floor Stand is an elegantly designed indoor flagpole stand. Complementary to any flag set, this floor stand is tip-proof, yet easily movable, making these the most practical stands for general use.

  • Endura Floor Stand 12″x1.25″ Gold

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    The Endura Floor Stand is our most popular floor stand.

    Intended for indoor use, this optional gold or silver anodized finish stand comes complete with a weighted inner core for extra stability.

  • Stamped Steel Bracket 1-1/4″

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  • Vertical Holder 1.25″

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    Display your flagpole beautifully on a dock or deck with the Vertical Holder.

    Supplied with a thumb screw that is used to tighten the pole into place, this item is stable and secure. The Vertical holder comes in a silver finish.

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