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New Expanded Inventory of The Flag Company, Inc.'s Patriotic Decorations Selling Fast at to Proudly Celebrate the Birth of Our Nation this July 4

The Flag Company, Inc. invites America to celebrate its 239th birthday in true patriotic style thanks to a full stock of red, white, and blue decorations of American flags, banners and buntings, and a seemingly endless selection of detailed patriotic trimmings from hand-held waving flags down to Stars and Stripes deli toothpick flags, all selling online now for the Fourth of July festivities.

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It's our nation's birthday!

...we...hope that people will remember why this is a holiday and what we celebrate and honor: that our nation was born, and that today we can still have pride in our nation.

It's a birthday like no other and The Flag Company, Inc. is ready to help America celebrate its 239 years this Fourth of July holiday with a full range of American flags and patriotic decorations from its Flagco website, with items perfect for any activity that day, from hometown parades, to house decorations and block parties, to civic group buffets.

From very affordable 4" x 6" American Cotton Stick Flags priced at only $.21 each and special July 4 "Rocket" toothpick flag packs of 100 for only $9.95, to elaborate red, white and blue pleated buntings in a choice of sizes and material, indoor and outdoor flags and decorations, banners, almost unlimited choices of flagpoles and lighting from residential to commercial, and everything in between, The Flag Company, Inc. has a range of patriotic items to fit any budget and purpose, making it fun and easy to be a patriot this Fourth of July.

Although The Declaration of Independence was formally declared on July 4, 1776, stating that the original 13 colonies were newly independent sovereign states, no longer a part of the British Empire, it wasn't until 1870 that this day was recognized by the federal government as a holiday, and then later a nationally paid holiday in 1938.

"Today, the real Fourth of July often gets lost in the mid-summer frenzy of outdoor activities," says Mike Lawrence, Vice President of The Flag Company, Inc., "and while yes, we encourage people to have a good time on this holiday, we also hope that people will remember why this is a holiday and what we celebrate and honor: that our nation was born, and that today we can still have pride in our nation."

The Flag Company, Inc. wishes the United States of America the best birthday bash ever, and that the American public puts its all into a grand celebration that our forefathers would be proud of.

About The Flag Company, Inc.

In addition to being the largest online supplier of flags and flagpoles, The Flag Company, Inc. owes its start to the success of its original product, Farming Flags®. The Flag Company, Inc. also manufactures its patented Flagpole Beacon for its Illuminator Series flagpoles and for single sale retrofits. Eighteen distinct categories of customers can choose from an expansive inventory of over 6,500 items. The Flag Company, Inc. now also partners with a machine and manufacturing company, expanding its capability to provide custom brackets, finials, hardware, etc. for special situations. Additionally, it is collaborating on creating robotic equipment for use in the flagpole industry.
With special and challenging projects a strength for The Flag Company, Inc., resumé highpoints include flagpoles for Georgetown University in Qatar, the Spiral Rotonde at Aruba International Airport, and Dow Chemical Headquarters in Michigan, and the 1996 Centennial Olympics in Atlanta, GA, and prior. Celebrating 26 years of providing excellent products and customer service, The Flag Company, Inc. appreciates all its loyal customers and hard-working employees as it looks forward to many more years of leading the industry. The Flag Company, Inc. has websites targeting its many customer categories:,,,,, and

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