We offer a variety of Starry Night Colors:

Warm White




Cool White

What size flagpole will StarryNight fit?

Our StarryNight Flagpole kits are designed for poles 15ft – 25ft poles. Need a bigger size? Give us a call.

We can make custom StarryNights up to 50 feet!

How do I install Starry Night?

1) It’s as easy as clasping Starry Night® to your flag snap on your flagpole.

2) Secure your Starry Night® to your flagpole with our coil attachment. Add your Starry Night® Star and plug it into the top of your box.

3) Hoist your Starry Night® up your flagpole and create the tree shape that fits your yard. Starry Night® gives you the ability to have a wide tree or a narrow shaped tree. For a narrower tree, just wrap the strands tighter around its’ stake. Starry Night® has an 3 prong plug at the base of your flagpole that just needs an extension cable run to it.

4) Step back and enjoy your Starry Night®.

Select your size Star:

Our Starry Night® Star comes in two available sizes. The 19” Star comes standard with every Starry Night® purchase. The Star directly attaches and plugs in to your Starry Night® kit.

19inch Star (Standard)

28inch Star (Upgrade)

Ready to purchase?

Create an impressive Christmas tree shape around your flagpole with the, Made in the U.S.A., Starry Night® Flagpole Christmas Tree Lights. Simply hoist it up your flagpole and watch the illuminated Starry Night® lights transform your flagpole into a Christmas tree. All you need is a 15-25 foot flagpole, and the rest is supplied inside this reusable bag. The Starry Night® is easy to assemble and can be ready within a short amount of time. Hoisting the Starry Night® up your flagpole is as simple as hoisting up a flag.

Flagpole not included, Upgraded 28″ Star Shown – ships with standard 19″ star.

The Starry Night®  features warm white LED light strands that are easy to hoist up the flagpole to create the Christmas tree shape. The strands of LED lights are connected to a special weather-resistant transformer. Designed to withstand most weather conditions.

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