Outdoor American Flags 

Easy-to-use and durable outdoor flags requiring minimum upkeep and made with the highest standards, to withstand high winds and fly brighter longer.

Nylon: commonly used for indoor and outdoor flag displays; made with a tight weave and lustrous appearance, nylon flags are durable enough for standard weather conditions; however, recommended display is from sunrise to sunset for prolonged life of your flag.

Poly Max: lasts 30% longer than nylon; made to the highest standards with a canvas header and brass grommets, Poly Max is one of the most durable flag materials.

Hercules Polyester: the longest lasting fabric available; made with an open-weave design for increased durability in high winds, lighter weight, and longer-lasting color- compared to other flag materials. Hercules polyester is recommended for industrial and commercial flag flying.

To prolong life of your flag, your flag should be flown during the day in favorable weather conditions. Depending on the use of your flag, it may be constantly exposed to high and potentially damaging winds. In which case, you will need a flag constructed with a durable material, like Hercules Polyester or Poly Max.

Additional Information

Which Flag Type is the Most Durable

The Poly Max and Hercules flags are the most durable with the ability to withstand high winds.

What are the Benefits of a Poly Max Flag?

Poly Max flags are constructed to the highest standards for maximum durability in outdoor conditions and a product life 30% longer than nylon.

Where Can I Buy a Flagpole?

FlagCo has a full selection of commercial and residential flagpoles, that can be used with these and other FlagCo flags