Large Outdoor American Flags

Durable and easy-to-use quality outdoor flags for your industrial and commercial flagpole requiring minimum upkeep.

Made with the highest standards, Flagco outdoor American flags require minimum upkeep, as they fly high and bright longer than other flag brands.

Large American Flags: 10’x15’ to 10’ x 19’
Ideal for 60‘-69’ in-ground flagpoles

Extra Large flags: 12’x 18’ to 25’ X 40’
Ideal for 69’ -150’ in-ground flagpoles

XXL American Flags: 30’ x 50’ and larger
Ideal for 150’ and taller in-ground flagpoles

To prolong life of your flag, your flag should be flown during the day in favorable weather conditions. Depending on the use of your flag, it may be constantly exposed to high and potentially damaging winds. In which case, you will need a flag constructed with a durable material, like polyester or Poly Max, a polyester blend.


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