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Although there is no official Flag Code for determining the correct flag size for your flagpole height, for aesthetic reasons, it is important to choose the a flag that is proportionate. The rule of thumb is that the length of the flag should be one-fourth or one-third the height of the flagpole. Traditionally, most people follow the one-fourth rule when choosing a flag size for their flagpole.

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  • American Fly Bright Flag 20’x30′

    $1,054.31 Not Available Try This

    Our economical American Fly Bright Flags are made with high quality material, which is expertly crafted and specially treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. Durable and fast drying, these fly bright flags are ideal for outdoor use.

  • US Nylon Flag 20’x30′

    $1,341.43 Add to cart
  • US Nylon Flag 20’x30′ Extra Stitching

    $1,501.10 Currently Not Available
  • US Poly Max Flag 20’x30′

    $1,593.86 Add to cart

    Our durable American Poly Max Flag lasts 30% longer than nylon, making it a superior choice for long-lasting outdoor usage. Made to the highest standard, the American Poly Max flag includes a canvas header and brass grommets (or roped thimbles) for easy installation. Made in the USA.

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