Flag Information

How to care for a flag

Over time, any outdoor flag will show signs of wear and tear. With reasonable care, the effects of wind, water, sun, and dirt can be minimized to extend the life of the flag. Nylon and cotton flags are generally expected to last around 3 months (90 days). Studies have shown that the lifespan of flags flown 24 hours a day is approximately a quarter of the expected lifespan. Some people may replace the flag as soon as it shows signs of damage, but it is possible to make unnoticeable repairs to the flag, allowing it to fly high and beautiful- as long as it looks undamaged. For beauty and longevity, we recommend keeping two flags and rotating them throughout the year.

The do's & don'ts of flag care

  • Do repair the flag at the first sign of fraying before further damage is done
  • Do gently wash the flag in cool water with mild detergent
  • Do line or flat dry thoroughly- in order to prevent mildew
  • Do store the flag in a well-ventilated area
  • Do iron the flag with the appropriate heat setting to remove wrinkles
  • Do not roll up, fold, store, or otherwise crease a wet flag
  • Do not expose the flag to unfavorable or inclement weather (extreme winds, heavy rain, snow)

Outdoor flag care

Unless they are properly lit, flags should only be flown during daylight hours (and only in appropriate weather). For your flagpole lighting needs, we recommend using the Flagpole Beacon©.

Indoor flag care

Dry cleaning is recommended for indoor flags. In the months of June and July, some dry cleaners offer free flag cleaning services, so be sure to check your area.

Proper flag disposal

Extremely torn or frayed flags should be disposed of properly and in accordance with the U.S. Flag Code.


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