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Custom Fire and Police Department Flags

Our Custom Firefighter and Police flags are made of nylon and feature the standard colors and generic logos of police departments and firefighter/rescue units respectively. These flags are available in either the 3' x 5' ($27.95 ea.) or 4' x 6' ($38.95 ea.) sizes.

To customize your flag(s) or drape (s) with your City and State, there is a customizing charge of $75.00 (this charge will be waived on reorders within 1 year), plus the cost of the flag(s). Just fill out the form and click submit. We will contact you shortly to discuss your needs.

We also carry a U.S. Flag Memorial Drape. This long lasting drape has embroidered stars and sewn stripes and is constructed of 2-ply 100% polyester bunting. It has an open weave construction that is resistant to dirt and moisture, making it the most durable of all drape fabrics.

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