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Unbeatable Spring Special Original Farming Flags® at from The Flag Company, Inc

Farming Flag®, The Flag Company, Inc.'s original, successful, and ever popular realtor marketing tool, are now available online at at a special spring promotional rate through April 10.

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The Flag Company, Inc.'s unbeatable Farming Flag, simple and effective marketing

...traditionally a successful marketing item for realtors and all manner of businesses...

Just as realtors across the nation to prepare for a new market season, The Flag Company, Inc. have launched a Spring Special sale of their signature Farming Flag® $0.37 each, as their marketing tool comes into its annual high spring-summer season profile.

Not only are Farming Flags® the perfect sales tool for realtors for large volume neighborhoods, they are an essential part of a variety of marketing campaigns for other businesses as well, making patriotic statements for upcoming Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the Fourth of July. Farming Flags® are simple, sturdy, eye-catching 12” x 18” flags made of 3 mil plastic (think Ziploc bags) on a 30” wooden staff. Most importantly, “Made in USA” is printed on the pole hem that is double-stapled onto the staff.

Farming Flags® are an inexpensive and strategic publicity tool that reaches a wide audience, offering to homeowners for their yards, or to local businesses. Ideally accompanied with a business compliment card sold at $7.00 in packs of 100, economical Farming Flag® boxes of 100 are also now specially priced at $37.00 a box.

Distributing Farming Flag® is additionally a way for nonprofit groups, for example, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts troops to achieve effective fundraising as many business groups will donate a certain sum in exchange for the service of placing the flags.

In addition to the Farming Flag®, The Flag Company, Inc. offers cotton stick flags in various sizes for marketing and promotions for realtors and other types of businesses. Cotton stick flags satisfy the desire for a more traditional presentation. From the 4”x6” cotton mini-flag to the 12”x18” cotton stick flag, there is a size for everyone and every situation, in both plastic and cotton.

Twenty-six years ago, The Flag Company, Inc. began their Farming Flag® program as both a marketing campaign and an inexpensive giveaway for patriotic celebrations such as parades and fireworks displays.

“It is our pleasure to offer what is traditionally a successful marketing item for realtors and all manner of businesses with our Spring Special so business owners can focus and get a jump on what they do best, be that selling real estate, fine products, or services,” said Mike Lawrence, Vice President of The Flag Company, Inc.

About The Flag Company, Inc.

In addition to being the largest online supplier of flags and flagpoles, The Flag Company, Inc. owes its start to the success of its original product, Farming Flags®. The Flag Company, Inc. also manufactures its patented Flagpole Beacon for its Illuminator Series flagpoles and for single sale retrofits. Eighteen distinct categories of customers can choose from an expansive inventory of over 8,000 items. The Flag Company, Inc. now also partners with a machine and manufacturing company, expanding its capability to provide custom brackets, finials, hardware, etc. for special situations. Additionally, it is collaborating on creating robotic equipment for use in the flagpole industry.

With special and challenging projects a strength for The Flag Company, Inc., resumé highpoints include flagpoles for Georgetown University in Qatar, the Spiral Rotonde at Aruba International Airport, and Dow Chemical Headquarters in Michigan, and the 1996 Centennial Olympics in Atlanta, GA, and prior. Celebrating 26 years of providing excellent products and customer service, The Flag Company, Inc. appreciates all its loyal customers and hard-working employees as it looks forward to many more years of leading the industry. The Flag Company, Inc. has websites targeting its many customer categories:, and

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