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The Political Season is Heating Up; So is The Flag Company, Inc. Spirit Flag Special

The Political Season is Heating Up; So is The Flag Company, Inc. Spirit Flag Special

Atlanta, GA ()

The Flag Company, Inc.

The Flag Company, Inc., largest online supplier of flags and flagpoles, today announced the re-launch of its annual special: the marketing of its Patriotic Spirit Flags for $0.35 each. With a myriad of presidential election season rallies, primaries, caucuses and events poised to hit full stride, this year’s patriotically-themed Spirit Flag special is especially appropriate and could not be more timely. Combine that with all the political momentum gathered by upcoming Presidents’, Memorial Day and July 4th holidays, the Spirit Flag promotion becomes a virtually essential component in any 2016 marketing strategy.

Made of 3 mm polyethylene (comparable to a Ziploc bag), these durable 12”x18” flags on 24” wooden staffs are eye-catching, and because their pole hems are double-stapled onto the staffs, the flags are designed not to slide down or fly off the staff. Best of all, “Made in USA” is printed prominently on the hem of the flag.

Spirit Flags are sold in increments of 10 after the initial minimum of 100. “That facilitates distribution while handing them out at political rallies, town hall meetings, debates, parades or dispersing them in neighborhoods,” said Mike Lawrence, Vice President of Marketing. “Spirit Flags are the perfect sales tool for large volume political events. Combined with our Democratic and Republican toothpick flags, The Flag Company, Inc.’s products are perfectly symbolic of our country’s enthusiastic support of any candidate’s patriotism and national pride. We put you in any political arena, any size, any affiliation, with just the right message.”

The Flag Company, Inc. established itself over 25 years ago with its successful Spirit Flag marketing program. This annual early season special marketing campaign is representative of The Flag Company, Inc.’s commitment to being at the forefront of flag and flagpole web marketing commerce, and this years’ Presidential Election makes the promotion all that much more pertinent. Since establishing itself with the Farming Flag®, The Flag Company, Inc. has led the industry with such products as Feel Good Light-Ups and, more importantly, its patented Flagpole Beacon. Recognized as the only real innovation in the flagpole industry in the last 50 years, the Flagpole Beacon is offered in the Illuminator Series Flagpoles and also for single sale retrofits for existing flagpoles for commercial and residential customers. It is available in a solar configuration and has achieved both IDA and ETL certification.

For more information on the vast array of products available from The Flag Company, Inc., visit And, for more information on the Spirit Flag and the annual special, visit

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